Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where do we draw the line?

A True Super-Hero!
So this week has been... I can't think of one word to describe it! It was hard, it was tiring, it was exciting, it was motivating. I guess in all I feel like I learned a lot this week about what I want out of life, but more importantly about how to get there. Gosh you guys are just so important to me! I want to always be near you all. I am grateful, so incredibly grateful to know that we will be together for eternity. So some interesting things happened this week. The strangest of them all is that I met a relative. A somewhat distant relative, but none the less we are related. And guess how we met?. On the phone! So his name is Gaylin Coates and Lloyd was his uncle!! So I guess he is papa's cousin? You guys should look him up! So anyways we met when he called into the visitors center wanting to reserve a theater for the ysa in his ward- he is the bishop of a ysa ward over inTempe. So anyways yeah I happened to be the one who answered the phone and he recognized the name Hamstead haha he said no one can ever forget that name ;) True though it made me happy. Anyways so then his HUGE group came in Monday night and I got to meet him and his wife! He also then asked if I would start their meeting for them and it was just really cool! When you start a movie for a group you first go in and introduce the movie, give out the referral cards, and invite them to pray about a name of a friend or family member that could use this message in their lives. Then when the movie is over you go back and close the movie with your testimony and collect referrals. Three referrals were given by the group! What a miracle! I have such a testimony of member referrals. It has been such a blessing and opportunity to be able to call the friends and family members of these people who come into the visitors center. I have seen so many miracles as I have been able to call these people and talk to them about the gospel :) Also this week we were given another miracle and his name is Jesus :) haha he is the absolute sweetest and he literally fell into our laps! What a blessing. He is looking for peace and because his heart is open he feels that what we are teaching him is true. I love this! He is a blessing in my life- along with all the other people I have met. I just know that God prepares His children. Anyways another experience from this week- a kind of sad and not so pleasant one. We are meeting with this sweet old man named Jerry- not the Jerry from Mesa that was mentioned in conference haha anyways he wants to become active in the church again and is trying hard to change his life. The other day we felt impressed to talk to him about the word of wisdom. When we brought it up he said he is not willing to quit drinking coffee. We talked about this for a while. In fact it was a REALLY long while because Jerry likes to talk a lot! haha but we just left him with the commitment to pray about it and to ask God if this is what He wants him to do. Jerry says he doesn't want to go to the temple because he knows he's not worthy of it right now, but none the less he is not willing to change. So sad!! It made me think about that story in the bible where the rich guy wants to follow Jesus and so he asks Jesus what he should do. Jesus then tells him to get rid of his riches and follow Him (sorry for the very rough- kelsey speaks to modern times translation haha) but really though, what are we willing to give up? Where have we drawn the line? Are we going to say to Heavenly Father I love you, but not that much? Is a cup of coffee all it takes to keep us from allowing ourselves to experience eternal happiness? I sure hope not! Lets erase that line and get rid of any breaking point. Let's all be willing to give it all! One thing sister Anderson says that I really love is, "The best decision you can ever make is to give something up that you love to the God you love more." AMEN! It is so sad sometimes for me to be away from you guys because I love you all soo much, but I love God more. I know that He will give us blessings - He has promised us eternal life together as families! I trust His word and I know we will be together forever :) 

Oh you guys all need to go make mormon.org profiles! That is your homework :) I was a slacker and didn't make one before my mission, but I am working on it now. I am giving a talk in district meeting on Tuesday on our purpose as missionaries and how we can stay focused. Yay! So last night my companions and I went to a YSA halloween dance with our little less active friend. Her name is Lu, she's Russian, and super sweet! But it was sooooo weird being there! Ah! I majorly had to restrain myself from singing and dancing, but I did it :)
Anyways I love you all sooo much!!!!!

Love, Kelsey
Sister Hamstead