Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Miracles always happen on Sundays...

So this week has been awesome!! Especially yesterday. Miracles always happen on Sundays! So since I have a limited amount of time I will just stick to the awesome events from yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away! (ah that reminds me! I had a majorly bad forgetful moment earlier this week! I couldn't remember the 4th Beatle! George Harrison! Ah!! I was so ashamed. I feel I let my British side down :/ haha) But anyways,on topic... so yesterday the spirit was so incredibly strong. I loved it! I had the awesome opportunity to bear my testimony in the 2 wards we went to. I loved it! Then we had a real miracle. So all of our investigators/less actives that said they would be coming to church yesterday did not come- surprise surprise, well actually one did come. But anyways, so it was up to the YSA ward at this point. So we pull up to the building and guess who is coming out of the car next to us? Jesus, his sister, and his cousin! Yayyyy!! We took up a whole row in sacrament meeting :) All three of us in our companionship bore our testimonies- sister Anderson's last  time as a missionary! Jesus's sister was crying during one of the testimonies and the spirit was just so strong! Go ysa! So then Jesus and his little posse had to go home after sacrament meeting. We felt bad because we made a big deal to the Bishop about being sure he had a gospel doctrine class... oops! But they will be there next week :) So church ends and we then go to the break-the-fast and guess who we run into... our referral from the Bishop!! His name is Mark Divine and ya know what we did next? We had a lesson with him. Right then and there at the break the fast. Then we set up a date for our next appointment with him. Yay new investigator! Oh also so although Jesus and the others didn't stay for class, somebody else awesome showed up. A less active that we had been told to go visit a while ago! He hadn't been to church in a while, but he went yesterday! We got to talk to him and he is great! He said he will try to come again next week. 

So then we had a really cool opportunity to participate in a mission prep class for the stake. There were a bunch of preemi's and then a board of rm's and my companions and myself. It was so cool! I got to answer some of their questions and since I was the most relatable to them at the time they asked me a lot! I loved it. I love talking about missions, and I love being a missionary! So then after that we had our mission presidents fireside which is when recent converts get to share their conversion stories/testimonies and then our mission president and his wife speak. We had invited 3 investigators so we were super pumped. Then we got a text. Mark was no longer coming. Then we got another text, Robert was no longer coming. Ah! We started to get really nervous because we have to have an investigator in order to attend the fireside. So it was all up to Jesus. So we get to the building and go practice our songs. We were singing "For the Beauty of the Earth" with the visitors center sisters choir and then my companions signed us up to sing a trio of "Be Still my Soul". Ahhh! I was really nervous because as you know I do not like to perform. Anyways, so Jesus came!! Yay! and we got to stay :) So fast forward the fireside- our trio was the closing song. so we got up there and.... it sounded sooo good! Holy cow. The first verse we sang in unison, the second in parts, and the third in parts+acapella. It was so still and peaceful. I now understand why people enjoy performing. The spirit is so strong! Jesus was crying! So after the fireside we were talking to Jesus and he said he loved it and that he felt relief and peace. We told him that this was the spirit testifying to him that what he was hearing was true. It was so lovely! Then he told us he has been reading from the Book of Mormon and that he read what we had given him, but he liked it so much that he kept reading! Of course we were thrilled and guess what he said his favorite verse was? 2 Nephi 4:19. That's my absolute favorite! I am just so happy :) I love seeing how the gospel blesses lives :) Well family I love you all!

Some random news:
- I ate with a family this week and the husband was literally the twin of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory. He's even from Texas!
- Tell the YSA thank you for the halloween cards! so nice! :)
- I met a Brother who grew up with Brother Menden. His last name is Porter and his nickname growing up was potpot? Haha tell brother menden he says hello!

I love you all soo much! Thanks for being the best family ever!
Love eternally,
Sister Hamstead