Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Choosing to be Happy! : )

So I am going to type a little message/lesson I learned this week. It is so simple and I feel like Heavenly Father has taught me this lesson about a million plus times, but it really sunk in this time. So I was studying in 1 Nephi, I can't remember the exact chapter. I will look it up...ok it is 1 Nepi 17:21 and really it starts a few verses before that, but what is happening is Laman and Lemuel are going on with their usual rant of complaints and what not- all woe is me, ya know. So anyways they then go on in verse 21 and they said something that really did not sit well with me. They said "we might have been happy". That just made me so sad. Laman and Lemuel didn't get it. They are missing the point and purpose of everything. Sometimes in my life I know that I have been like Laman and Lemuel and have said maybe if I was like this then I would be happy, or maybe if I looked like that, or even on the mission maybe if I had more baptisms, or if I was teaching more prepared people- then I would be happy. This is sooo wrong! Happiness is a choice and we can not let any outside influence or idea advise us otherwise. President Uchtdorf gave my favorite talk this last general conference (as always) and there were a few things he said that really stuck out to me:
  1. Decide to be happy, no matter your circumstances.
  2. Many regrets of tomorrow can be resolved by following the Savior today. You cannot change the past, but you can direct your future.
  3. The path towards fulfilling who you are is not accomplished in one day- do not wait until the day you die to learn how to live.
Please lets all learn from Laman and Lemuel's sad mistakes and follow the guidance of President Uchtdorf and choose to be happy no matter what. I have noticed an extremely huge difference in my attitude towards people, life, learning, this gospel, everything since being on my mission and I know this is because I have chosen to be happy. 

Another thing I learned this week- in fact just yesterday was the importance of being dedicated and devoted. I heard a really sad story yesterday when I was talking to a man in one of my wards whose son is on a mission. He said that his son is having to deal with a few disobedient missionaries right now. His son was talking to one elder in particular who has been struggling a lot with obedience and has basically lost all desire to be obedient. The disobedient elder made a comment to this man's son and said, "Wake up Elder. Get a life, nobody is watching. You don't have to follow all the rules." Again another case in which this elder just did not get it. The first thing I thought of was wow I feel so sad for his family. They want their son/brother/grandson/uncle/whatever to be the type of missionary that they talk about in the scriptures - motivated by their faith and dedicated to the Lord. I then also thought that if you look at the rest of your life with this type of attitude nobody really is ever watching. You can make the decisions you want, but you will still have to suffer the consequences no matter if somebody is watching or not. Who would have thought I would be learning so many life lessons out here on the mission! I love it! I love life! I love you all so much and I do miss you all, but I am so grateful to be here. I know that God has a plan for all of us and I know that this is His plan for me. Life is oh so good :) 

I love you all!!!
Sister Hamstead
Hmmm...Naughty or Nice Halloween Costumes. So glad Kelsey  chose NICE! : )