Monday, February 10, 2014

Drum roll...I am being transferred!!!

Hello family this is been an awesome week! 

So many amazing miracles that happened I just feel so grateful.  On Monday night we had an awesome family home evening at the Free's home with the Thomas family. We talked about the principle of having faith in Jesus Christ that was so fun! Afterwards we ran to the visitor center for our lesson with our new investigator jasmin. She is so sweet and sister T and I absolutely love teaching her. She is 17 years old and is trying to find her purpose in life. On Saturday, we went out with her again and we sat down and talked with her about the plan of salvation. It was amazing to see how it answered her questions and brought her so much peace. At the end of the lesson she was nervous to pray so I went ahead and prayed first and then sister t and then she offered beautiful prayer. She really wants to be baptized. She was also planning on going to the Gilbert Temple open house later that day so we went to the back of the visitor center and talked about the temple with her using the temple panel display. Before she didn't really get the temples or understand their purpose but afterward she said she really loves the idea of it and she was so excited to go and see the Gilbert Temple. On Sunday night she came with us to a member missionary fireside where recent converts were asked to share their conversion stories. It was so powerful and it was amazing how everything that was said was so perfect for her! It was addressing all of her needs!! Gotta love how the spirit works:) she had invited 2 of her member friends to come as well :) ok so Sunday night I was just so happy I thought my heart might just explode!!!! The fireside we went to was put on by the ysa stake that I had served in for 6 months so it was like a reunion with all of the most amazing people that I love sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just sooo happy to see my bishops, the members that had been in my wards, and of course the biggest miracle of the night was getting to s
Jesus Valdez - my first convert
ee Jesus Valdez!!!!!!! Ok let me take you on a little stroll down memory lane. Back in the day when I was companions with Sister Shurtz and Anderson (my very first transfer!!) we taught a guy named Jesus. Remember??? Well both sister shurtz and I were transfered just like 2 weeks after he was baptized and then he moved so we lost touch with him. Then last night at the fireside we were walking out of the chapel when all the sudden Jesus comes up to me and says hi!!!!!! Wow it was sooooooooo hard not to hug him!!!!! He moved back into the ward where he was baptized and the elders are meeting with him now. He told me that his cousin ended up getting baptized too and he wants to meet with the bishop to see about going on a mission. Amazing!!!! I could have died happy last night. I just couldn't contain my joy!!!! Ahhhhh just thinking about seeing all of those wonderful people makes me feel so grateful for this amazing experience I have been blessed with.

Wanna hear a call center miracle? So once upon a time when sister Pickett and I were companions we were receiving chats from when a guy name Andrew came on and started asking us questions. He said he was really interested in the church, but he had some major life style issues that would have to dramatically change. However he was willing to change them if he came to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was true. We helped as much as we could over chat, and then we gave him the information for his bishop and then sent his information to local missionaries. We have been keeping contact with him often over the past few months through email. Sometimes he would respond, but it had been a few months since we had heard back. When sister Pickett went full field she gave me his contact information to follow up with him. This last week I called his Bishop to see how Andrew was doing and I got amazing news!! He told me that Andrew had been baptized!!!! He had completely changed his life and now he is fully active in the ysa ward!!! Oh my gosh people can change. Miracle!!!!! I sent him an email asking him to share his experience of meeting with the missionaries with me so I will let you all know when I hear back from him. People CAN change.

Haha want to know something funny? My sense of time is so completely messed up. This sweet recent convert came into the visitor center and I was talking to her about going to General conference. She was super excited about it and I told her that she doesn't have to wait very long because the next one will be in October. For some reason I thought that was the soonest one... Luckily the member that had come with her spoke up and said there would be one in April. I have no idea what month I thought it was..... I think it's because there aren't really seasons here so maybe I was thinking it was like August or something? Haha I have no idea...

We got transfer news this last week and.... Drum roll...... I am being transferred!!!! Wow I was pretty sure that I would just finish out my mission in this area, but I am excited! My companion will be Sister Younce!!! She is from North Carolina and she kinda knows jerel! Haha the south is rising!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!! I think she has been out for about 8 months or so. Also President asked me if I would like to be a sister training leader again or if I would like my last transfer to be kinda easier. I told him I would love a challenge and I will accept any opportunity to serve. I want to finish my mission strong! I want to be so busy and so focused on the work that I won't have time to think about anything else. So I am excited to once again be a sister training leader :)

It was sooooooooooo sad telling everyone I was being transferred!!!! That is the hardest thing about being a missionary!!! You just love these people with all you got and then after just a few weeks you have to move on. There were so many hugs and tears. So bitter sweet. I am grateful for my mission and that it has taught me how to love. I am going to miss Tanya!!! I know she is going through a rough patch, but I will never give up on her! I am so grateful that sister finau is coming into the area because she will love Tanya and will take such good care of her. It was so good to have Tanya at church yesterday for my last Sunday in her ward. I really bonded with that ward and I am going to miss the good people there!!!!! Saying goodbye is so hard.

Family I love you all so much. I think my mission has made me love and appreciate you all even more! Each of you have been such a blessing to me. Thank you for all of your love and support. I am soooo proud of elder Hamstead!!! He is going to be an amazing missionary!!!! Mom will you put the pics I sent you of me and Christopher on Facebook? I think mine turned out better than his. I love you all so much. I am going to work my very hardest this next transfer. I have loved every single second of my mission and I am eternally grateful for it and the impact it continues to have on my life.

Love you all!!!!!
Sister Hamstead