Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So many miracles and cool experiences to write about this week... where to even start?!

Well I guess I will start off by telling you about my Proselyting area. We are going through quite a transitional period at the moment. We are having some struggles finding people who are truly desirous to learn about the gospel, but it's ok! We are doing our best to kind of start over and weed out all of the people. We are working a ton with members- which I love! We have such awesome members here in Mesa that just want to help and they take such great care of us. I love them! On Tuesday we went on exchanges which is new! In the past sisters haven't gone on exchanges just because it has been tricky to arrange with the VC schedules. But, President decided we would try it again and it was super awesome! Sister Noble came to my area and Sister Avila went to her companions area. It was so fun seeing other sisters styles/approaches. It was also cool having a full field day. Our area really needs some TLC so it was good. So I do want to write about one person from the area- Trisha. She is just the sweetest most precious lady ever! She wants to change her
life so bad and she knows this is what she needs to help her. Her circumstances are super humble and she really doesn't have much, but she told us that she has her family and that is enough. The rest of the stuff can't go with them, so she said that none of it matters to her. I love that. I think being on a mission has better helped me to appreciate more all of the things I have been given. We are so blessed! I am so grateful for my faith and for you all- my family! My mission has helped me to see the things that truly matter to me. I know what I want out of this life and I don't want to allow any types of distractions to keep me back from reaching my full potential. I hope all of you feel the same way :) Life is just soo good! I am just so blessed and so happy with where I am at in my life. I know this peace has come through truly living the gospel and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Anyways, so my other area - VC/Online.
Soooo many cool experiences! So I will first tell you the miracle of Michael. So in my last
Lunch at Rachel T.'s House
area a lady from my ward gave me a referral for her friend (maybe brother in law, or cousins husband? Can't exactly remember..) over in Washington. I told her that I could enter his info at the VC and send the missionaries to him. She told me his story:
So his wife is a member of the church and he is not. She hasn't really been all that active throughout her life. Well they have a daughter who just turned 8 & the member in my ward mentioned to her cousin (?) that they should have a combined baptism for their kids- she also has a child who is turning 8. Well that got the wife thinking. The member then just mentioned that it would be cool if Michael also got baptized so that he could do the baptizing himself. That's when this lady then actually started to think about what that would mean to her and her family if her husband were to get baptized. She told the member that she wants the missionaries to come and meet with them. So this is where I come in. I entered the referral in my online area book and sent his info to the missionaries. Whenever we send people the missionaries we are to follow up with them, encourage/fellowship, and also teach them. I was having troubles getting in touch with Michael but FINALLY got a hold of him. Turns out the missionaries had gone over and taught him a few times and he said he was liking what he was learning.
I asked him if he believed the Book of Mormon was true and he told me he still wasn't sure. I bore my testimony to him that the Book of Mormon is true and I invited him to read it and to pray about it as well. He said that he would and ya that was the end of our conversation. Well things have been crazy busy and it had been a while since I had gotten a chance to call Michael again. But I had a feeling that I really needed to get a hold of him and see how things were going. I called the member that referred him and once she answered she asked, "Have you heard from Michael?" I told her no and she told me that he is getting baptized next Saturday, May 25th!!! She told me they are going to be flying out for his baptism and then the whole group is going to come out here for the combined baptism in June :D I asked her if they have time to please stop into the VC so I can meet Michael and his family and she said they will! I am sooo excited!!! Miracles!! So 2 other cool phone experiences this week. One woman called into to order a Book of Mormon. She told me the only reason she was calling was because the 2 elders that gave her the little pass along card were so kind and respectful. She said she had never met 2 young men like that before and it made her want to learn more. Sometimes our actions truly do speak louder than our words. I was so impressed by the impact these 2 missionaries had on this lady just by being who they are and remembering who they represent. Lets all try our best to be those good examples. That our lives and the way we treat others will be the greatest way in which we share our testimonies with others.

 Alright one more. This guys name is Brock. He also called into and said he didn't want any more contact from the church. I told him there really isn't much I can do to help help him with that, but I offered to get him his Bishops info so that he could talk with him. I took down his info and looked up who his Bishop was. Now keep in mind people call in from literally all over the world... well I looked up his info and it turns out he is in one of the wards that Sister Avila and I serve in! Heavenly Father truly works in mysterious ways! I emailed Brock the info and then told him it was coincidence that I answered his phone call. There are call centers all over and lots of people that take calls. I told him that we are only here to help him and that we are willing to do whatever we can to help him. I gave him our info and then sent the email. I don't know what's going to happen to him, but I know that Heavenly Father gave me that call for a reason. God loves all of His children and it is just so amazing to witness all of the ways that He reaches out to them. 

Anyways this week has been awesome! Yesterday was Sister Avilas birthday so that was really fun! Some members gave her a cake and it was just super cute :) I didn't see Rich yesterday :/ Sounds like you guys have been having so crazy adventures! Yay Eugenie and Jerels first place! I am so proud of you poopy :D Yayyy we can be poor together! haha
Christopher congrats on graduating from Seminary! I wish I had appreciated seminary more at the time. I didn't realize how important it was or truly how great of an effect it had on me. Really I wish I hadn't slacked on scripture mastery! haha Well I am doing my best to learn them now :) Abby and David learn from the mistakes of your older siblings and  be on time to seminary, pay attention, keep up with the reading, letter in seminary, and really allow yourself to learn! I realized when I came out on my mission that I had NO idea what the gospel even was! I had no idea why I believed certain things, and since I have taken the time to learn for myself and to study my testimony has just grown so much. It isn't perfect- it never will be in this life, but it's like somebody turned on a light and now I can clearly see! It is amazing what study and prayer- and of course living it can do for your understanding. Keep up the good work family! You are all in my prayers!! I wish you all the best with the move! It will be so exciting! Maybe you can leave a room for me to help you all to finish when I get back- you know how I love those home projects :) Love you all!!!

Sister Hamstead